Guidelines and Eligibility

You can find detailed guidelines and eligibility for the 2021 Jewish Day Camps Match here. 

This matching grant will give one dollar for every two dollars raised (1:2) for gifts restricted for physical improvements (defined below), up to maximum grant allocation of up to $20,000. (For example, a camp that raises $40,000 will be eligible for a grant of $20,000 for a total project cost of at least $60,000).


  • Non-profit Jewish day camps. A Jewish day camp must include Jewish ideals and values in their mission statement and articulate their Jewish practices at camp, whether it is observance of Shabbat, Israel programming, Jewish education, Hebrew at camp, living their Jewish values or other such practices. We welcome camps to define what it means for them to be Jewish and we work with camps across the religious spectrum.
  • A Jewish day camp in the US must be a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended (the "Code") and be classified under sections 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2) of the Code.
  • Eligible Day camps must operate a minimum of 5 days/week for 4-weeks during the summer.
  • Eligible camps must have a minimum of 50 campers participating in each camp session.
  • Eligible camps must demonstrate operations for at least 3 years (if unable to open in 2020 due to Covid-19, please note that on the application).
  • JCamp 180 will consider applications from a broad base of Jewish movements and independent camps.
  • All nonprofit Jewish day camps will be eligible to apply so long as they meet the above criteria regardless if they are affiliated with an overnight camp.

Grant Usage and Match Amount

Grant funds and donor gifts to this match are restricted and may only be used toward physical improvements. If you have questions on whether your proposed project qualifies, you are welcome to ask JCamp 180 before you apply.

Examples of physical improvements the Day Camp Grant would support:

Qualified Projects Projects that Do Not Qualify
  • Splash pads
  • Climbing walls
  • New demonstration kitchen for cooking classes
  • Amphitheater
  • Shade pavilions for outdoor programming
  • New dining facilities
  • Waterfront improvements for pools or lakes
  • New wood working or art studio
  • Playgrounds
  • Hand washing stations (permanent)
  • New ballfields
  • Stand-alone moveable equipment (boats, farming equipment, bicycles, exercise equipment, sports equipment, picnic tables, playgrounds)
  • Security enhancements
  • Portable storage units
  • Parking lot pavement
  • Camp supplies for the summer (art and other programming supplies)
  • Portable electronic equipment (video, drones, computer equipment)
  • Office equipment
  • Indoor furniture
  • Bundled purchases of multiple non-capital items
  • Landscaping and outdoor lighting
  • Physical improvements must primarily benefit campers at the day camp.
  • HGF will grant $1 to the camp for every $2 of qualified funds raised and received by the camp during the matching grant period (1:2 match).

Gifts eligible to be matched

  • To be eligible for matching by HGF, gifts must be cash or cash equivalent. Stocks, bonds, and other cash equivalents will be matched.
  • Gifts of any amount will be matched.

Gifts not eligible to be matched

  • In-kind contributions, discounts on services or goods, art, real estate, or other non-cash instruments will not be matched by HGF.
  • Regular allocation from Jewish federations or similar agencies are not eligible to be matched. However, increases or special gifts made by federations or similar agencies for the restricted purposes of this grant are eligible.

Program Requirements and Payments

  • Camps must complete an application through the Harold Grinspoon Foundation online grant management system located here:
  • Camps must sign and submit a Grant Agreement Letter before any funds will be distributed. The letter will be generated in the online application process.
  • Disbursements may be made by wire transfer or by check.
  • Upon the grant’s conclusion, camps must submit a brief report including the number of donors, total amount raised, and how funds were used. Reports are due on or before July 31, 2022.
  • All decisions for matching funds are at the sole discretion of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. Terms and conditions are subject to change and/or termination at any time

Questions? Please contact

Grant Details Webinar

On Tuesday, February 9, JCamp 180 staff discussed the detailed guidelines and application process for the new 2021 Jewish Day Camp Match. You can watch the recording and download the slides here:

>> Slides from February 9, 2021 Jewish Day Camp Match Info Session Webinar