Chai Match 3


Like the first two Chai Match programs, Chai Match 3 is different from the Meet Your Match and Create Your Match grant programs. Chai Match 3 is a competitive process -- only a subset of camps who applied participated. 

Chai Match 3 provides the momentum for experienced JCamp 180 affiliated camps to continue to cultivate and motivate existing and new donors. Gifts in both phases may come from individuals, families (spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings and children), family foundations or corporations. Grants from a Jewish Federation or from the Foundation for Jewish Camp are excluded. At least 50% of funds raised must go toward capital improvements or facility enhancements; the remainder is unrestricted and may be used for capital improvements, scholarships, endowments, or annual operating needs. During the application process, camps must choose the Chai level at which they wish to participate: single, double or triple Chai.

Review the Chai Match 3 Brochure for more details about the structure of this matching grant program.


To be eligible for participation in Chai Match 3, camps must be current affiliates of JCamp 180, may not have participated in Chai Match 1 or 2, and must have completed Create Your Match programs 1,2,3,4 or 5. Eligible camps were notified by JCamp 180 administration and invited to apply for this program

Key Guidelines

In Phase 1 (November 18, 2014 through July 18, 2015), each camp raised minimum gifts of $9,000 from individual donors. These gifts were matched 1:1 by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation to create a pool of matching funds of up to $108,000. Pledges had to be paid in full by November 18, 2015.

In Phase 2 (November 18, 2014 - November 18, 2015), the pool of matching funds of up to $108,000 were used to match 1:3 all eligible gifts of $1,800 or more. Gifts in both phases could come from new or previous donors and from individuals, families (spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings, and children), foundations, or corporations. Gifts from a Jewish Federation or the Foundation for Jewish Camp are excluded.

To be eligible for matching funds, at least one-third of each pledge must be paid within 60 days of submission of the pledge application to the Harold Grinspoon Foundation; the remaining pledge amount must be paid in full by March 18, 2018.

Bonus: One or more bonus payments were awarded to the camps that had the greatest number of individual donors in Phase 2 of the campaign.


To be considered for inclusion in this matching grant program a completed application had to be submitted no later than February 18, 2013. Camps chosen for participation were notified by March 18, 2013.

Submit Your Chai Match 3 Grant Data

Please use IGAMS online forms to submit your camp's Chai Match 3 grant data online.

Guidelines & Downloads


Chai Match 3 Information Session

JCamp 180 Director Mark Gold and Administrative Assistant Allison Macari-Wilhelm explained the Chai Match 3 Matching Grant Program, discussed the application process, and provided tips about how to successfully leverage the program. You can download the slides from the Chai Match 3 Information Session here.

You can also find a recording of the session here:

Note: This webpage is a general guideline and is intended to summarize the rules of the matching grant program. The matching grant brochure describes the official rules of the program.

Please address all inquiries regarding applications and submit completed applications to