Storytelling for Impact, Camper Recruiting, and Growth

The most effective way to reach your audience and get their attention is through better storytelling. We tell stories every day, everywhere—but are they the right stories being told in the right way to the right audience. Stories are the easiest and fastest way to share your mission, connect with your audience, and inspire them to enroll for the upcoming summer.

On Wednesday, March 2 at 12 PM Eastern, Allison Cohen, Principal, Orange Door Strategies, discussed the 5 points of the story arc to help you create an emotional and engaging story.

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This is the first in a series of four sessions focused on Camp Enrollment. You can register for one, two, three, or all four of these sessions - be sure to select the checkbox next to all sessions you'd like to attend.

The remaining sessions include:

Wednesday, March 23 at 12 PM Eastern
Clean Up Your Camper Retention: Leveraging Data and Best Practices
Presenter: Ari Polsky, JCamp 180 Program Manager

Wednesday, April 6 at 12 PM Eastern
Heads in Beds: Action Steps to Fill Your Camp (with New Campers)
Presenters: Jodi Sperling and Mitch Morgan, Owners, Camp Kingswood

Wednesday, April 27 at 12 PM Eastern
Hit the Ground Running for 2023: Marketing and Recruiting During Camp Season
Presenters: Beber Camp’s Team

We know how precious your time is in the lead up to camp, and we look forward to making each of these sessions the most valuable hour you spend that week!

Please note that these workshops have been created with both day and overnight camp professionals of all levels in mind.

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