Master the Fundamentals: Stewardship a.k.a. Donor Love

Master the Fundamentals

Your 2020 fundraising is probably generating lots of donors who deserve special attention through camp-based stewardship: first time donors, parents and families, previous donors who have stepped up to new major gift levels, etc. 

In this webinar, led by JCamp 180 Mentors Dan Kirsch and Laurie Herrick, we focused on a planful approach to stewarding the donors who’ve responded to camp’s need in a time of crisis because that’s what will determine how well you will retain their loyalty and generosity after summer 2020 is over. 

Now is the time to ensure you have all the pieces and processes in place to do a better job of loving your donors than ever before. 

Recorded 2 PM Eastern on Wednesday, July 1.

This was the first in a series of offerings (Master the Fundamentals) that will focus on the fundamentals of development success to support your camp’s fundraising efforts.

In this series, you will learn how to:
  • Max out your All Together Now match  
  • Achieve your larger fundraising goals that have been transformed this year by COVID-19
  • Prepare a comprehensive development plan for the coming year.   
We will rely on time-tested best practices as well as emerging peer-learning from the unprecedented summer of 2020.

>>Click here to view the recording of the Webinar