Make Data Your Friend at Camp

Your camp – and the camp community – collects a lot of data every year. Basic information about: campers and their families; enrollment by session, gender, and age group; staff hiring; incoming phone calls; donors and donations; and more.

Is this data piling up unused in your databases or – gasp! – spreadsheets? Can it instead be used to help your camp team make your work more effective and efficient?

Yes! Yes it can.

Ramah Day Camp in Nyack was highlighted at the JCamp 180 Conference ADAPT Showcase for their work leveraging their data to help them communicate, track, and manage the status of already paid tuition for summer 2020 when camp was cancelled last spring. Watch this video from the ADAPT Showcase to learn more about Ramah Nyack’s work in 2020.

On February 11, 2021 Ramah Day Camp in Nyack Director Ami Hersh and Program Coordinator Paul Horvath shared ADDITIONAL ways they use their data – and free or inexpensive tools you may already manage – to solve problems and work smarter.

You’ll leave this webinar with inspiration to tackle some common camp tasks and decisions using data you already collect with tools you can afford.

>> Watch the Webinar Recording