Is it Time for a Tuition Reset? Pricing and Incentives Lessons from K-12 and Higher Education

For many camps, the pricing strategy is simple: Keep up with inflation but don’t alarm parents with big rate hikes.
But to maximize revenue and enrollment, there’s a lot more to it. 
Join K-12 and higher education economist and consultant Dr. Lucie Lapovsky and the JCamp 180 Enrollment Program on Tuesday, March 2nd at 2 PM Eastern to learn more about designing a more effective pricing strategy for YOUR camp. Dr. Lapovsky will draw on her experience with K-12 schools, colleges, and universities to help you and your camp develop a more sophisticated and systematic approach to pricing, in order to maximize revenue, enrollment, and mission.
Dr. Lapovsky will apply the following concepts to the camp experience: Tuition resets, benchmarking, price sensitivity, segmenting incentive strategies, demographics, the "admissions funnel," and scholarships strategy. The session will be interactive, and include structured breakouts focused on peer learning and implementation. You can find out more from Dr. Lapovsky's work in these two reports: 
  Finally, please complete this brief incentive and discount survey. Your information will be anonymized, aggregated, and presented back during the webinar, to allow you to benchmark your organization and stimulate new thinking.

Use the link below to join Lucie Lapovsky and the JCamp 180 Enrollment Program on Tuesday, March 2 at 2 PM Eastern: