Responding to the Crisis

Today, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and JCamp 180 are proud to announce $10 million dollars in Emergency Grants to non-profit Jewish overnight camps affiliated with JCamp 180. 

Last week, many of you told us that the financial position of your camp was approaching a tipping point. 

We heard you.

Just as you have been staring down your camp’s different scenarios for this summer, so have we been looking at the full scope of the problem across the entire field.

These new funds are a first infusion of money to help protect the legacy of Jewish overnight camps.  

We cannot solve the problem alone. It is Harold’s intention that these funds inspire others to step up and, with government assistance, together we’ll keep our promise to Jewish campers everywhere that we’ll gather around the campfire again as soon as it is safe.

This week we will work on the details for the grant and will share with you the parameters as soon as possible. We understand the tremendous pressures you're under and the need to keep the match achievable.

I know you join me in thanking Harold for his generosity!  

Kol hakavod, Harold!

On a more personal note I must thank YOU. Over the past couple of weeks, you’ve turned adversity and self- isolation into opportunity and engagement. Last week, I attended Camp Interlaken JCC’s virtual campfire and it was so nourishing to sing songs and find my community online.  The virtual campfire - like so many other camp programs you’ve provided for your camp communities - reminded me why we are in this work together at this time: to create connection that spans time and space.  

From strength to strength,

Sarah, on behalf of the JCamp 180 Team