How Expected Supplemental COVID-19 Legislation Could Affect Summer Camps

Although it isn’t being reported in detail yet, the US House and Senate have both now passed their own supplemental large COVID-19 relief legislation packages ($1 and $3 trillion, respectively), which seem to favor small organizations with demonstrable revenue losses. A compromise could be reached and a bill signed by the President in a matter of 1-2 weeks.
We won’t know the exact contents of the signed bill until the process is complete, but we are keeping an eye on the expected features. There are many features expected to be included that will benefit individuals directly (e.g. another direct stimulus payment), but we have included here only the features that would benefit camps directly (and employees by extension).
Features that are similar in both packages that are likely to become law: 
  • PPP forgiveness calculation eliminated for loans under $150K (in other words, only signature certification is required for forgiveness of these smaller loans)
  • Even more flexibility regarding which eight-week period you choose for PPP forgiveness evaluation
  • Second round of PPP loans for organizations with less than 300 employees that have incurred 50% or more revenue loss (similar terms to first round)
  • The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) can be now be combined with PPP (for organizations suspending programs or shutdown due to COVID-19, or experiencing 10-25% revenue declines)
  • 50% tax credit for PPE expenditures
Other features that have been discussed but are less likely to become law: 
  • Liability protection for nonprofits
  • Increase in nonprofit self-insurance reimbursement
  • Charitable deduction expansion
For more information, see recording and slide deck from this week’s JFNA webinar (scroll to bottom to "View recording and slides from COVID-19 Phase IV Legislation Update webinar").

Written by Aron Goldman. Aron is a Mentor with JCamp 180. Aron’s focus areas at JCamp 180 include camper enrollment, recruitment, and retention. He also directs our year-long Enrollment Program. Aron also has experience working as a consultant with grassroots, regional, national, and international organizations in the areas of capacity-building, strategy, and systemic change.

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