Postcards from Camp: A Stewardship Story

Summer is here and camp staff is busy creating a magical experience for countless campers.
That transformational experience is why donors give to your camp. When’s the last time you shared one of those transformational stories with your donors?
We know the summer is incredibly busy. But what better time to remind your donors of why they give?
A powerful stewardship touchpoint like this doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.
Check out this example of how the Board at Camp Centerland used postcards to share a single story of impact with their donors this summer.

Written by Laurie Herrick. Laurie is a mentor for JCamp 180, and director of GIFT and the GIFT Leadership Institute, professional courses designed to build a culture of philanthropy at camps. The emphasis of her work is empowering organizations to cause breakthroughs in the ways they think, plan, collaborate, relate to supporters, lead, and fundraise.

Who we are: JCamp 180 is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF). Our goal is to significantly enhance the long-term effectiveness of nonprofit Jewish camps in North America. To meet this goal, we provide affiliated Jewish camps with consulting services, annual conferences, shared resources, professional development, and matching grant opportunities. Find more at