Nonprofit Leadership Lessons for LEAP Year

In October of 2019, we graduated our inaugural class of twelve exceptional leaders in LEAP (Leadership Engagement and Advancement Program); or, to use our language, a dozen LEAPers made their leaps toward being better leaders of their organizations.

There were many lessons we learned together over the course of the year. However, in the interest of time and with a nod towards leap year coming only once every four years for the rest of you, here are four LEAP lessons that I think are worth sharing and applying to YOUR organization.

Written by Natasha Dresner. Natasha is a Mentor with JCamp 180. She is also the Director of LEAP  - Leadership Engagement and Advancement Program. Natasha writes a bimonthly nonprofit column "The Nonprofit Prophet" for The Berkshire Eagle. Her focus areas at JCamp 180 include Governance, Strategic Planning, and Lay Leadership development.

Who we are: JCamp 180 is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF). Our goal is to significantly enhance the long-term effectiveness of nonprofit Jewish camps in North America. To meet this goal, we provide affiliated Jewish camps with consulting services, annual conferences, shared resources, professional development, and matching grant opportunities. Find more at