How Can You Ensure Your Board Has the Right Mix of Skills Now...and in the Future?

Thinking of expanding your board or committee? 

Do you have a game plan for a new fundraising campaign and need new board members? 

Do you have a new Strategic Plan and need the best people around the table to achieve your goals? 

This simple matrix can help you keep track of who is on your board/committee currently and how they are contributing, as well as who you might want/need on the board/committee in the future.

Now is the time to get it right and get the best people working for you and your camp. This easy to use spreadsheet template will help you keep track of your current board members and find amazing new members to join in the future.

Written by Jill Paul. Jill is a Mentor with JCamp 180. Jill has helped develop many JCamp 180 professional development programs including GIFT, Legacy, and Fundraising Fundamentals. She has also helped curate the tremendous resources of the JCamp 180 Knowledge Center on our website.

Who we are: JCamp 180 is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF). Our goal is to significantly enhance the long-term effectiveness of nonprofit Jewish camps in North America. To meet this goal, we provide affiliated Jewish camps with consulting services, annual conferences, shared resources, professional development, and matching grant opportunities. Find more at

Jill Paul
JCamp 180