Happy Hanukkah from the JCamp 180 Team!

I have always loved Hanukkah. It was the time of year when we got to eat in our dining room because it was a special occasion and the Jewish kids in my Wisconsin hometown felt an extra special kinship. Today, I love to gather around my own table to celebrate the holiday and to bring in the warmth and light of the holiday. 

With the nights getting longer and days colder, camp seems very far away.  But we know that summer 2021 is around the corner.  You continue to demonstrate your tenacity, creativity, and perseverance – enrollment is going strong, you are fundraising in creative ways, and we love seeing your online programming. 

We have been especially amazed by the successes of so many camp communities in your end-of-year giving campaigns and Giving Tuesday efforts. We’ve loved seeing your videos, emails, and online concerts.  Keep them coming!  We watch them and cheer you on.

All Together Now - a matching grant for Jewish overnight camps - is wrapping up with a strong finish!  Most of the camps in our network have completed their matches with thousands of new donors into the camp pipeline.  And we are working hard with the remaining few camps to finish.  Please remember that the deadline for eligible donations is December 31, 2020 - be in touch right away if you have any questions or need support in completing your match.

JCamp 180 has been busy planning for new things in the coming year.  We have lots of new Learning in the works, and new resources, webinars, and tools to help you tackle 2021, from stewardship to enrollment and more.  We are working on lots of other plans, including our conference dates and format, and can’t wait to share them when we can.

We know that this has been and continues to be such a hard and challenging year both personally and professionally.  It may get darker before we see the light.  I hope you can hold on to the Hanukkah warmth, light, and miracles to guide you through these next few months.  We wish joy to you, your family, and your camp communities. 

In Partnership,

Sarah and the JCamp 180 team