New Resource: Discuss impact of trends on your camp at your summer board meeting

Since we announced the 2021 Camp Insights Report earlier this year, we've developed a set of resources your Board/Camp Committee can use to consider the impact of societal trends on your camp. These tools include the following:
  1. A PowerPoint presentation of the high-level findings along with guiding questions for your Board
  2. A PDF version of the PowerPointPresentation
  3. A script to accompany the presentation
  4. The original 2021 Camp Insights Report
We think this is a great topic as part of a longer summer board retreat; your board/camp committee should plan to devote 45-60 minutes to this topic.

Additional Insights

We've also continued to analyze the survey data. Some additional insights gleaned from your responses are listed here:
  • Participants identified a number of ways of leveraging the last two years of the Covid experience for fundraising:
    • Communicate camp’s ongoing vital role in providing outdoors opportunity and community so vividly demonstrated through Covid
    • Steward the many new donors who stepped up to support the camp during this period
    • Continue to use online tools to reach camp donors around the world
    • Tap into the many individuals and families who have significantly prospered during Covid
Finally, a note about inflation. Subsequent to the survey, rising costs - e.g., insurance, food, and energy -  became an important trend affecting camps, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. This is having a real impact on all camps as they prepare for this summer.
Please let us know how you use these tools at your camp!

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