Conference Resources

You can find resources from the 2022 JCamp 180 Conference here.

Conference worksheet
Conference workbook

Conference workshop materials
  • Champions for Fundraising: “Enroll” Your Dream Team (Laurie Herrick)- Workshop Slides
  • Digital Engagement That Fosters Fundraising Growth (Jeff Rum) - Workshop Slides
  • Endowment-Building: Strategies for Today and Tomorrow to Secure Your Camp's Forever (Dan Kirsch, Arlene Schiff, Rachel Berezin, Holly Guncheon) - Workshop Handout
  • Middle Tier Donor Relationship Development (Andrea Wasserman and Brian Tarallo) - Workshop Slides
  • Year Round Stewardship (Jennifer Weinstock) - Workshop Slides
  • Discovery and Building a Major Donor Program (Laurie Herrick) - Workshop Slides