Board2Board Camp Exchange Program

For the summer of 2018, JCamp 180 is offering a pilot program that subsidizes face-to-face exchanges between board members of similar camps.  The Board2Board Camp Exchange Program is designed to support members of overnight or day camp boards visiting another camp during the Summer of 2018. The goals are to promote board members’ learning about other camps, to share experiences, best practices and lessons gained in their volunteer camp journeys, and strengthen their personal and professional camping networks.  

Participation in the 2018 pilot program is limited, and camps interested in applying must have the endorsement of their JCamp 180 mentor prior to submitting an application.   The JCamp 180 support is intended to promote and partially support new connections between Board members and camps.  It is not to be used to fund existing programs where Board members of camps with common affiliations convene.  The program reimburses camps for the majority of costs incurred in this Board2Board exchange.

Camps interested in applying should review the program guidelines for the program reimbursement policy because all costs may not be reimbursed.  

A full description of the Board2Board exchange program can be found in the program guidelines.

Camps interested in participating should complete and submit a program application prior to May 31, 2018.

For reimbursement, fill out this Board2Board program reimbursement form.