Why (and How to) Join JewishCamps on Google Groups
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Why (and How to) Join the JewishCamps Google Group

The JCamp 180 Conference is far in your rearview mirror. And there isn't another Jewish Camp-wide conference until JCamp180 in November 2013 and Foundation for Jewish Camp's Leaders Assembly in 2014. How can you connect with your peers, learn from them, and share your own insights on topics ranging from alumni outreach, drafting appeal letters, Board job descriptions, and more?

The answer is the JewishCamps Google Group. Join this free group (which already includes over 100 Jewish Camp staff and lay leaders) and join the conversation with your peers. How to join? You'll need a Google Account, so create a free account (or sign into your existing Google Account) and then follow these instruction:

  • Go to https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/jewishcamps
  • Click the "Join Group" button
  • Enter your Name as you'd like it to appear to others in the Group
  • There are few different choices when it comes to the frequency of receiving email updates from the group.
    • Don't send email updates (Default) - You will have to remember to go to the Group to see the discussions. We recommend selecting on the other choices.

    • Send daily summaries - You will receive a summary of all posts in the Group that day. There will be links to read the full messages in the Group.

    • Send combined updates (25 messages per email) - You will receive multiple full emails in one long update each day.

    • Send me an email for every new message - You will be notified via email every time someone posts in the Group

  • Check "Automatically subscribe me to email updates when I post to a topic." That way you will receieve an email when someone else answers one of your questions in the Group.
  • Click "Join this Group."
  • That's It! It will be just like meeting your peers at the JCamp 180 conference (without the drinks...or the travel to Springfield!).

    Having trouble joining the group or receiving your updates? Contact Kevin Martone for assistance.

    Shout out to Joy Getnick from the JCC of Greater Rochester for creating the Group!