Get Your Fundraising on the Right Track - May 2011
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Get Your Fundraising on the Right Track

Mark Gold, Director of the Grinspoon Institute
We've entered the season of counting. While on the Jewish calendar we're counting the Omer, the days between Passover and Shavuot, on many of your calendars you're counting the days until the first day of another camping season. It's less than 45 days to the start of many camp sessions, and although in New England it seems that we just jumped from winter to spring, we know that summer, and camp season, is right around the corner.

Like you, we at the Grinspoon Institute for Jewish Philanthropy are also counting. We're counting the nearly five hundred first time campers who will be getting incentives through PJ Goes to Camp and the FJC's One Happy Camper website. We're also counting the number of camps we plan on visiting this summer. The Mentors will be taking advantage of the many board retreats taking place during camp sessions, utilizing these gatherings to continue to work through board development and strategic plans with you.

As we began in last month's eNewsletter, we are again highlighting a camp project that represents the attainment of a goal set at such a strategic planning session. But listing an idea on a strategic plan is not enough to make achievements like this a reality. New facilities such as the two-building complex depicted in this month's eNewsletter don't just appear on the opening day of camp. This project, like the many others we see completed, are the result of the dedication and commitment of hundreds of volunteer board and committee members for dozens of Jewish overnight camps across the country. We at the Grinspoon Institute are proud to be working with camp Boards of Directors through the process of establishing facilities plans as well as helping you see them to completion; we will continue to highlight these accomplishments throughout the rest of this year.

So, as you count down the days until the opening of camp, you should also feel proud in counting up the number of days you've been working to make this summer a reality. Count the number of meetings you've attended, the number of hours you've spent on the telephone, and the number of miles you've traveled in support of the program. I want to add my voice to those of the parents, alumni, and friends of our 80 participating camps across the country who will be praising the changes that have taken place at camps during the "off season." It's a job well done, and the campers will love it. That's something you can really count on!

Mark Gold


Fundraisers: Are You on the Right Track?

By Laurie Herrick

Is your camp headed in the right direction? Are your fundraising efforts being derailed by negative internal and external forces? In the book The Three Laws of Performance, the authors provide useful tools for those of us who raise money for important causes. Read on to find out how these three laws can help you change your perspective, embrace bold language and actions, and lead to more effective fundraising... and more effective camps!


Camp Case: Habonim Dror Camp Galil

By Sharon Waimberg
Executive Director, Habonim Dror Camp Galil

Habonim Dror Camp Galil
In 2005, Habonim Dror Camp Galil began dreaming of building the first significant building project in at least a generation - and the beginning of the physical revitalization of the Camp's site. Now, in 2011, as the Camp celebrates its 65th summer, campers will have use of a beautiful new Assembly Building - providing a spacious multi-purpose room with a fireplace and windows for the entire Camp community to gather in inclement weather, and to enjoy performances and celebrations together in one space. The Camp's educational staff will have a new, modern 2-story staff/administration building housing a resource library, computers, office and workspace for the design and planning of their Jewish and other educational programming. The second floor will house a staff lounge giving staff a central place to go for off-periods, keeping them close to campers in a comfortable environment.

Inspired by a late camper, this two building complex will be called The Amy Adina Schulman Center. Sadly Amy Adina's life was too short, but her commitment to the goals and ideals of Habonim Dror Camp Galil lives on.

In 2007, the capital campaign began in earnest with the help and guidance of the Grinspoon Institute. To date, the campaign has been successful in raising over $800,000 out of its $1.1 million goal. This was the first time in Galil's 65 year history that a capital campaign was initiated. The Camp's Board of Directors is pleased with the result so far. Over one hundred individuals and foundations have led the way in the beginning stage of this campaign. This was done with help from the family of Amy Adina Schulman, the Grinspoon Foundation, the Avi Chai Foundation and all the individuals who stretched to kick off this campaign. The next phase will continue to be done Galil-style, almost like a barn-raising, with every camper, counselor, alumni and community-member doing their part to raise the funds needed to complete the buildings.


Jewish Camp Google Group

Joy Getnick, the Judaic Educator at Camp Seneca Lake, has created a Google Group to connect Jewish camp professionals and volunteers "In the spirit of open program exchange and resource sharing." Although the Grinspoon Institute does not moderate this group, we are interested in Jewish Camps collaborating and learning from each other. This Group could allow for the exchange of successful programmatic, fundraising, alumni outreach, and other ideas that can be shared across the camps.

Note that this is a brand new initiative; Joy welcomes suggestions and ideas for improving the group itself.

Go to to join the group. Please contact Joy at if you have any questions.


Next Webinar: Your Development Plan: What's Working ... and How to Improve the Rest!

On Tuesday, May 24th at 1 PM EDT, Grinspoon Institute Mentor Laurie Herrick will lead an interactive webinar entitled "Your Development Plan: What's Working ... and How to Improve the Rest!" Participants will learn from each other, sharing examples of in-process development plans as well as completed plans that could use a tune-up. Laurie and the group will examine submitted plans and discuss how to make them even better! This workshop will be highly interactive - please come ready to share your plans and ideas. Multiple attendees from camps are encouraged to participate (development professionals, board members, etc.).

Please register for this Webinar as usual; in addition, due to the interactive nature of this Webinar, all participants are asked to send in a sample development plan and a personal photo (professional shots, vacation pictures or even humorous old prom pics will do!) to Laurie at

Join Laurie Herrick on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 at 1 PM EDT as she presents the latest Grinspoon Webinar - "Your Development Plan: What's Working ... and How to Improve the Rest!"