Legacy and Planning Giving Background
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Legacy and Planned Giving Background

Learn what goes into legacy planning and endowment.

Camp Legacy 2015-2017 Program Description (WORD)
Updated description of the JCamp 180 Camp Legacy Program 2015-2017
Glossary of Terms (PDF)
Create a Jewish Legacy: Glossary of Terms
Introduction of Planned Giving and Endowments (PDF)
Introduction to planned giving and endowments, adopted from the Planned Giving Course for United Jewish Communities.
A Year of Big Bequests (PDF)
The Chronicle of Philanthropy: A Year of Big Bequests.
Guide to Legacy Planning and Resources (PDF)
Guide to Legacy Planning for the Jewish Endowment Leader; A donor-centered approach
by: Jerry Neuman, MD and Carol Karsch, MSW

Jewish Values as Inspirational Wellspring for Legacy (PDF)
Jewish Values as he Inspirational Wellspring for the Endowment Professional
by: Carol Karsch

Talking to Donors About Endowment Gifts (PDF)
Create a Jewish Legacy; Talking to donors about endowment gifts

Planned Giving Board Policies Outline (PDF)
Policies Outline: Start Planned Giving Right
presented by: John Hoskins

Common Myths about Legacy and Planned Giving
Addressing myths about legacy giving
Debunk the Myths about Legacy and Planned Giving (PPT)
PowerPoint presentation Addressing myths about legacy giving