Donor Conversations and Stewardship
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Donor Conversations and Stewardship

Strengthen the bond between your donors and organization using these resources.

How To Do the "Ask" (PDF)
Useful resource for practicing "The Ask"
Best Practices - Camp Legacy Pilot 2009 (PDF)
Ideas and best practices from JCamp 180 program pilot programs
How Can Your Camp Receive Planned Gifts? Just ask!
Legacy training program article that addresses the road blocks of legacy giving
Common Objections Heard from Donors (PDF)
How to advice and address questions from donors
For Donors: Fulfilling Your Legacy Promises (PDF)
Resource for donors concerning the fulfillment of their legacy promise.
How to Find Prospective Legacy Donor Prospect (PDF)
2 page PDF with ideas and advice to identify legacy donor prospects

What is THE Most Important Action to Ensure Donations to Your Camp's Future?
How can you identify the most important action to ensure future donations? Read this article

Care and Stewardship of Donors (Long) (PDF)
Author Kathryn Miree discusses how cultivation, recognition, and stewardship can ensure your future success
Stewardship of Legacy Donors (Short) (PDF)
Author Kathryn Miree discusses how cultivation, recognition, and stewardship can ensure your future success
Stewardship for Effective Major Donor Fundraising (PDF)
5 Steps for Effective Major Donor Fundraising
Sample Questions to Deepen Your Connection with Donors (PDF)
Learn how to ask strategic questions. A resource from The Osborne Group.
Sample Camp Stewardship Chart (PDF)
Donor recognition and stewardship suggestions sample chart.
Sample Legacy Follow up Letter (PDF)
Follow up with your legacy donors to build a stronger relationship.
Top Five Ways to Appreciate Your Donors Now (PDF)
5 quick tips you can use to show your donors your appreciation.
How to Use Your Data Base to Track Legacy Gifts
Legacy program; Technology support overview.
Sample Pledge Reminder Letter (PDF)
Learn how you can get donors to formalize their pledge.
Donor Wall Due Diligence
21 questions to ask vendors of interactive & self-cycling multimedia presentations from William George of HubPages.
Sample Legacy Welcome Letter - Charter FAQ (PDF)
Example Legacy Program Charter from Hashomer Hatzair - Camp Shomria
Legacy Solicitation Training (PDF)
Step-by-step process of starting the legacy conversation with potential donors and making a compelling pitch.
Measurement Index for Camp Legacy Stewardship Efforts (DOC)
Camp Legacy Initiative; Create meaningful interactions with donors.
Legacy Video: Camp Young Judaea Texas