Fundraising Planning
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Fundraising Planning

Sample Development Committee Structure
and Job Descriptions

Development Committee Structure and Job Descriptions (DOC)
Sample Fundraising Flyer - Camp Young Judea (PDF)
Sample Detailed Development Plan
A sample template for your development plan that identifies goals, tasks, person responsible, allies and deadlines.
Sample Development Plan Template
Helps camps identify the strategy, goal, action steps, ownership, timeline and costs.
Creating a Development Plan for your Organization
Excellent list of tasks that can be put into this monthly template to reach your development goals created by Herb Tobin.
CRB Development Plan

Finding Prospects

There are Major Donor Prospects in Your Camp's Database. Really. (ARTICLE)
"There is no one in our Camp's community who is wealthy."
JCamp 180 Technology Program Manager Kevin Martone and Mentor Julia Riseman debunk this commonly heard complaint from camp with real data from the Data2Donors program.