Annual Campaigns
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Annual Campaigns

Annual Campaigns

Initial tips and suggestions for annual fundraising campaigns.

Annual Campaigns 101 (DOC)
Pipelines and Pyramids: Building Annual Giving Programs That Last.

Annual Campaigns (DOC)
From JCamp 180, outlining goals and activities to jump fundraising efforts.  
Sample: Annual Campaign Pledge Reminder (DOC)
Build a Monthly Giving Program (PDF)
Sample: Annual Campaign Structure (DOC)
Track and Segment Your Data for Annual Giving Campaigns (ARTICLE)
One Person Development Office Chart (XLS)
Sample development chart outlining a one-person fundraising chart.
Sample Annual Gift Envelope
Annual Giving Envelope from Camp Ramah that utilizes best practices and good levels of giving.


Fundraising By Phone

How to utilize a phone and mailing list for fundraising purposes.

Sample Talking Points For Phone Asks (PDF)
Tactical considerations for mail and phone marketing.
Direct Mail and Phone Fundraising Tips (DOC)
Tips and advice for successful direct mail campaigns.
Appeal Letter Checklist
Here's a convenient checklist you can use to test the appeal letters you create for camp.
Sample BB Camp Appeal
Appeal that uses personalization, pictures, and a P.S.
Sample Annual Appeal from Staff
Sample Annual Appeal from Alumni

Fundraising Videos

Sample solicitation videos.

URJ Camp Harlam - Summertime Forever
Video shared by URJ Camp Harlam for 2014 annual appeal, December 2014.


Appeals and Thank Yous

Learn how to write exciting and motivating appeal letters.

Be Noticed - How to Make Your Camp's Appeal Letter Stand Out
Tips to make your camp's appeal letter stand out for your readers and prompt them to act.
How To Write A Great Appeal Letter (DOC)
14 insightful tips for writing a compelling appeal letter.
Sample Newman Thank You
Sample Thank You Letter
Thank You Template
14 insightful tips for writing a compelling appeal letter.
Three Thank You Templates and You're Out