October 2016 eNewsletter Articles
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October 2016 eNewsletter Articles

Here you'll find the articles we recommend in our eNewsletter in Fundraising; Governance; Strategy, Planning, & Change; and Technology & Outreach.

Fundraising: Are You Writing at the 6th-Grade Level?

If you are, well done! Well, for your appeal letters and other donor communications anyway. Why is simpler language more effective? And how can you check the grade level of YOUR text? Read this article from Future Fundraising Now to find out... 

>> Are You Writing at the 6th-Grade Level?

Looking for more tips on writing your Appeal Letters?

>> Check out this article about making your Appeal Letter stand out


Governance: 10 Bad Decisions Nonprofits Make

Is your camp making any of these bad decisions currently? If so, there is good news: your camp can reverse each of these decisions to be more effective as a board and organization.

>> 10 Bad Decisions Nonprofits Make

Looking for ways to improve your Board's decision-making?

>> Check out this article and template for improving board meetings and decisions


Strategy, Planning & Change: Has Your Camp Filled out the Camp Census Yet?

This year, the Foundation for Jewish Camp is leading the effort to collect and share data across the field of Jewish Camp. The Camp Census - which replaces the JData process you've used in the past - will allow us and the FJC to better understand the trends and needs in Jewish Camp. It will also provide camps some actionable analysis for decision-making. If your camp hasn't filled out the Camp Census yet, please do so soon - the deadline is Friday, November 4. Thank you for your participation!

>> Overnight Camp Census

Looking for the Day Camp Census?

>> Check out the Camp Census for Day Camps here


Technology & Outreach: Communication to Further Your Organization's Mission

Your organization's communications should not simply be a bullhorn to blast your message. Instead, your communications should be planned strategically to reach your various goals and - ultimately - to further your mission. How can you be so thoughtful and strategic with your communications? This article on eJewishPhilanthropy (and from a new Jewish Funders Network blog) is a good place to start.

 >> Communications Furthering the Mission: How Does it Work in Practice?

Looking for tips on how to get your impactful communications to spread?

>> Check out this article about the book Contagious and making your messages more likely to be shared