March 2014 eNewsletter Articles
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March 2014 eNewsletter Articles

Here you'll find the articles we recommend in our eNewsletter in Fundraising; Governance; Strategy, Planning & Change; and Technology & Outreach.

Fundraising: Sample Major Donor Cultivation/Stewardship Plan

We like talking about our camps; we wouldn't be on the Board or on staff if we didn't.  The roadblock is typically "the ask."  The focus of this detailed cultivation/stewarship plan from Jef Nobbe of Camp Solomon Schechter is to create an ongoing relationship with a (potential) major donor (aka the constituent), utilizing the camp's Board and senior leadership as stewards. Asking to support the organization ("the ask") is a byproduct of the relationship-building and can be done effectively by someone other than the steward when it comes time.

The steward commits to contacting their list of five or so constituents at least monthly using example language, talking points and media (PDFs, pictures, articles, et al.) provided by the fundraising professional(s). The provided language and talking points are then personalized to the interests of the constituent to create a more personal connection to camp.  It is all about building and maintaining a relationship between camp and the constituent.  The money will follow.

>> Sample Major Donor Cultivation/Stewardship Plan from Camp Solomon Schechter

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Governance: One Fantastic Board Meeting to Focus Board Committees

"Fantastic Meeting! A really productive use of our time together, thank you."

How often do you here those words at the end of a Board Meeting?

This case study shows how to use a Board Retreat or an extended Board Meeting to focus the work of all Board Committees and also set Board Goals for the coming year.  This process of collective goal setting can vastly improve the functions of your Camp Committee or Board, facilitate improved communication, engage Board members, and speed up the work of Governance. Resources included here will allow you to adapt this process for your own purposes.

>> One Fantastic Board Meeting to Focus Board Committees

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Strategy, Planning & Change: Design Thinking

Design thinking was first developed by design consultancy IDEO as a way to design better physical objects, but has been modified to design user experiences, too. In other words, design thinking helps you put your customers/constituents at the center of your process of designing new products, programs, experiences, and communications.

This article by Rachel Cort in discusses why Jewish organizations need to embrace design thinking to ensure they continue to reach their target audiences, including millennials and the unengaged. It can serve as a kind of course-corrector, keeping professionals accountable to and in touch with the needs of those they seek to serve. It also provides an introduction to how to implement design thinking in your organization.

How can your camp use this process to meet the needs of your campers, families, donors, and alumni?

>> Design Thinking: A Praxis for Creating User-Centered Experiences

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Technology & Outreach: #netTALKS Takeaways - The Power of Friends

The Schusterman Family Foundation and Jim Joseph Foundation recently sponsored the third in a series of free #netTALKS webinars focused on Alumni engagement. This Webinar featured James Fowler, author and Professor of Medical Genetics and Political Science at the University of California, San Diego, discussing how to best leverage online social networks and the real-life connections between your camp's biggest supporters and their friends.

In this 11 minute video, JCamp 180 Mentor Dan Kirsch and Technology Program Manager Kevin Martone discuss the #netTALKS Webinar and what it means for nonprofit Jewish camps.

>> #netTALKS Takeaways Video - The Power of Friends

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