February 2015 eNewsletter Articles
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February 2015 eNewsletter Articles

Here you'll find the articles we recommend in our eNewsletter in Fundraising; Governance; Strategy, Planning, & Change; and Technology & Outreach.

Fundraising: Learning from charity:water - How One Organization Took the Mundane and Made it Inspiring

Is there anything more mundane than water? charity:water is a nonprofit focused on bringing clean and safe drinking water to developing countries. But somehow they make this topic exciting and joyful. How do they do it? And what can camps learn from their experience?

>> Learning from charity:water - How One Organization Took the Mundane and Made it Inspiring

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Governance: Open Letter to All New Board Members of #jewishcamp

To all new Board Members of a Jewish Nonprofit Camp: Thank you.

Thank you for stepping up to bring your leadership, wisdom, and dedication to your favorite Jewish camp. What you do during your term of board service will improve the lives of Jewish children, shape memories for a lifetime, and bring new joy to living Jewishly. Read on to find our top 10 tips as you begin your service on the Board/Camp Committee.

>> Open Letter to All New Board Members of #jewishcamp (Reprinted from previous eNewsletter)

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Strategy, Planning & Change: Are You Asking Your Major Donors to Volunteer at Camp?

Did you know that encouraging volunteers to help your Jewish Camp might help you raise more money? JCamp 180 Mentor Julia Riseman shares recent studies that show engaging your major donors/prospects at volunteers could result in increased donations...and how camps can take advantage of these trends.

>> Are You Asking Your Major Donors to Volunteer at Camp?

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>> Read this article about Relational Judaism and what it means for camp 


Technology & Outreach: Alumni Engagement - Worth the Effort?

On Thursday, February 26 at 1 PM EST, join JCamp 180 Mentors Julia Riseman and Dan Kirsch in a live and interactive presentation on Alumni Engagement. 

This webinar is designed for Day and Overnight Camp Board/Camp Committee Members and Camp leaders who are curious about why your Camp should invest more time and effort in Alumni Engagement.
The first 15 minutes will present the case for Alumni Engagement, and the last 45 minutes will be a participatory question/answer forum with specific advice on how other camps have built programs, measured progress, and evolved over time.

>> Go to this webpage on Feb. 26 at 1 PM EST to participate in this interactive webinar

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