December 2016 eNewsletter Articles
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December 2016 eNewsletter Articles

Here you'll find the articles we recommend in our eNewsletter in Fundraising; Governance; Strategy, Planning, & Change; and Technology & Outreach.

Fundraising: Are You Still Wondering if Giving Tuesday is Worth Your Effort?

Is Giving Tuesday worth the effort?  JCamp 180 wants to help you answer this question. Our Giving Tuesday survey targets camps that participated in Giving Tuesday this year.  But we will share the results with all of you to help inform your approach to Giving Tuesday in the future.  In the spirit of our November conference, we ask you to be Open, Generous, and Connected by participating in our survey. It will take only 5-10 minutes to complete, and you have until Friday, January 13 to do so. Todah Rabah!.

>> Please Take our short #GivingTuesday Survey Today

Want help thanking your GivingTuesday (and other) donors?

>> Check out this short video about what makes Thank You Letters good, bad,...or ugly


Governance: Make Your Organization Great Again

What's a Board to do if the Executive Director isn't meeting expectations? Or better yet, what can the Board do in advance to ensure a good hire? JCamp 180 Mentor Natasha Dresner provides helpful tips in this article reprinted from The Berkshire Eagle.

>> Make Your Organization Great Again

Looking for resources to help prepare your organization for a change in leadership?

>> Check out this article with a number of resources re: succession planning 


Strategy, Planning & Change: Designing for Impact - A User Centric Model for Hillel

Do you truly listen to your campers, families, alumni, donors, and staff to create programs and processes that meet their needs and create extraordinary experiences?

This article in eJewishPhilanthropy about Hillel's use of Design Thinking can be a model for better incorporating the ideas and expectations of your various stakeholders into your work.

>> Designing for Impact - a User Centric Model for Hillel

Looking for ways to look inward as well as outward to improve the effectiveness of your organization?

>> Check out this article about four questions your organization SHOULD be asking itself


Technology & Outreach: Pew Research Social Media Update 2016

Deciding which communication channels to use depends on what you want to accomplish (your goals) and who you want to reach (audience). This recent survey from Pew Research should help you and your organization consider the latter - where are people spending their time on social media and messaging apps? Are there differences by age, gender, and other demographics?

 >> Pew Research Social Media Update 2016

Looking for more information about using social media effectively?

>> Check out the Social Media section of our Knowledge Center