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Resources for Developing and Revising Board Policies.

Two Sample Conflict of Interest Policies (DOC)
This document from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center provides useful resources for developing or revising your Conflict of Interest Policy.
Non-Profit Conflict of Interest: A 3-Dimensional View (ARTICLE)
Article by Jan Masaoka of Blue Avocado.
Gift Acceptance Policies (PDF)
An overview of gift acceptance policies.
Donor Bill of Rights (DOC)
This document outlines the 10 rights that donors have when making their contributions to your camps.
Endowment and gift policies sample (PDF)
Sample endowment policies and procedures
Must Have Policies for Non-Profits (DOC)

Investment Policy Sample (PDF)

Board Recruitment Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest - Disclosure Statement

CSS Amended Bylaws

Donor Bill of Rights

Gift Acceptance Policy

Non-Discrimination Policy

Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

Whistleblower Policy

Workforce Confidentiality Agreement

Sample Endowment Fund Policies and Guidelines
Detail of one camp's endowment fund policies for their endowment.

Effective Board Meetings

Invaluable resources for board meetings best practices.

5 Steps For Decision-Making That Will Vastly Improve Your Board Meetings
Looking for ways to improve group decision-making by your Board? Try these 5 steps for framing the problem and possible solutions.

10 Ways to Improve Board Meetings
This article from CompassPoint teaches you Ten Quick Ways to Invigorate Your Board Meetings.

"Alternative to Using Robert's Rules"
Author Andy Robinson challenges the notion that "Robert's Rules of Order" is the only effective way to reach an agreement, with numerous suggestions on how to achieve consensus within your group. (From GuideStar)
Meeting Minutes Checklist (PDF)
A checklist for tracking clear, accurate, objective minutes for your Board meetings.
No More Rubber-Stamping Board Meetings!
Invigorate board meetings with these tactics.

SAMPLE: Dashboard Update for Board Members (PDF)

Seven Quick Ways to Improve Meetings

Five Ways to Run Great Meetings

Board Meeting Evaluation

Mini Board Self Assessment Survey

Creating a POP Agenda for Board MeetingsA simple way to organize agendas for productive meetings.

Seven Quick Ways To Improve MeetingsIdeas to insure great board meetings that are inclusive and productive.

Additional Resources
Use Board Source as your main source for all things related to board development, policies, procedures, evaluation and much more.
Complete Toolkit for Boards
On this site you'll find an online integrated library of information, samples, and additional sources for information on all aspects of personal, professional, and organizational development.