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To address technology needs, JCamp 180 created the Alumni and Donor Outreach Technology Program. Participating camps receive valuable assistance in:

  • Determining appropriate software solutions
  • Planning for collection and maintenance of alumni, donor, and gift data
  • Understanding the best practices in alumni and fundraising technology

The Technology Program team also offers one-on-one technology consulting and support that supplements the mentoring services received by participating organizations.

Are you interested in our wealth of resources about utilizing technology more effectively? Check out the Technology Section of our Knowledge Center.

For more information contact:
Kevin Martone - Technology Program Manager 
413 439-1974

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"Although Camp Laurelwood has been around for almost 75 years, working with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation has ensured that we are up to the minute and in the know when it comes to our fundraising technology. Whether it's on-the-spot trouble-shooting or long-range planning, the amazing people at Grinspoon are always there to see us through!"

-Denise Ben-Haim, Associate Director, Camp Laurelwood