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Legacy Programs

Camp Legacy Initiative

In 2008, JCamp 180 (known as the Grinspoon Institute) created the Camp Legacy Initiative, under the tutelage of Gail Littman from the San Diego Jewish Community Foundation, to motivate Jewish summer camps to secure legacy gifts from loyal donors. The Camp Legacy Initiative is financially supported by the Areivim Philanthropic Group.

Currently 48 camps across the country participate in the Camp Legacy Initiative. To date they have received nearly 2,300 individual and family legacy pledges valued at $59 million.

Create a Jewish Legacy for Western Massachusetts

Later in 2008, JCamp 180 (known as the Grinspoon institute) helped launched Create a Jewish Legacy for Western Massachusetts. This initiative is funded by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and the Jewish Endowment Foundation of Western Massachusetts. The Jewish Federations of Western Massachusetts and the Berkshires are program partners.

Nineteen organizations currently participate in Create a Jewish Legacy for Western Massachusetts.



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