Tell your Prospective Families about PJ Goes to Camp!
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Tell Your Prospective Families about PJ Goes to Camp!

Summer is the best time to show off camp to prospective campers and their parents. As you bring prospective campers to camp this summer, don't forget to mention the PJ Goes to Camp / One Happy Camper incentive program for first time campers. If they are thinking about coming to camp next year, they need to register for PJ Library BEFORE September 1st to be eligible for the PJ Goes to Camp incentive. The extra incentive while they are visiting might be the key to getting them to sign up early for next summer.

What is PJ Goes to Camp?

PJ Goes to Camp is the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's funding program within the Foundation for Jewish Camp's One Happy Camper program.  First year campership incentives of up to $1000 are awarded without regard to financial need on a first-come, first-served basis (incentives are lower for 14-day programs).  There are a limited number of PJ Goes to Camp incentives; when they are fully subscribed, we place families who subsequently seek the incentives on a waiting list. In 2013, 15 out of 250 families placed on the waiting list were ultimately granted incentive awards.

The Harold Grinspoon Foundation provided 391 PJ Goes to Camp incentives to first-time campers in the summer of 2013. PJ Goes to Camp incentives went to children from 42 separately identified PJ Library Communities and 78 different camps.   

Who is Eligible for PJ Goes to Camp?

To be eligible for a PJ Goes to Camp / One Happy Camper incentive for the 2014 camp season, a family (camper or sibling) must be or have been a subscriber to PJ Library PRIOR TO September 1, 2013. The PJ Goes to Camp program is designed to benefit PJ Library recipients, alumni and siblings, which is why we require people to have already been PJ Library recipients when they sign up for this first-time campership incentive.  Families who have signed up, but have been put on a community waiting list because of PJ Library funding limits, are eligible for PJ Goes to Camp incentive awards.  Therefore, families who are thinking about sending a child to camp NEXT summer (2014) must sign up that child or a younger sibling for PJ Library books prior to September 1st of this year.

How to Apply

Parents interested in applying for a PJ Goes to Camp incentive award for 2014 should visit and check out the PJ Goes to Camp page for application instructions and limitations of the program.

Limited Number of Jewish Day School Attendee Incentives

PJ Goes to Camp is one of only a few providers of One Happy Camper incentives that makes their campership available to students who attend a Jewish day school.  The One Happy Camper program does not generally award incentives to day school students.  To accommodate the large number of day school student families who are interested in receiving one of the limited number of PJ Goes to Camp's One Happy Camper incentives allocated for day school students, these incentives will be awarded from applicants who enter a lottery prior to November 8, 2013.  We encourage interested families of day school students to find out more details about this lottery system by visiting the PJ Goes to Camp page on