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Camp Case: Camp Kinder Ring

By Sharon Strongin, Development Coordinator

Camp Kinder Ring
When our Kinder Ring community began our fundraising campaign a few years ago we did not expect to accomplish so much in such a short period of time. Together with the help of funds received through the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's Meet your Match & Create Your Match challenge grant programs, we raised enough money to renovate and restore 26 bunk interiors; build brand-new bathrooms at many locations throughout camp; resurface many of the courts used for basketball and other sports; update our canteen; and purchase a tent as a new home for our gymnastics programs.

We've also embarked on our Legacy program and were thrilled to partner with 50 Legacy members within our first year. We consider ourselves to be fortunate to not only have been given the opportunely to participate in these challenges but we are extremely grateful for the guidance and advice that we receive from our Mentor Julia Riseman, Camp Legacy Initiative Director David Sharken and the rest of the JCamp 180 staff.