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Camp Case: Camp Bauercrest

By Rob Brockman, Executive Director

Camp Bauercrest
Camp Bauercrest has a long track record with JCamp 180, starting in the second Cohort of affiliated camps. At the conclusion of the 2008 camp season, Bauercrest reviewed and updated their strategic plan. The vision ahead included expansion of programs, family outreach, scholarship support, and their capital campaign. Throughout this work, Bauercrest partnered with the mentoring staff at JCamp 180. This partnership has involved producing a work plan, establishing a manageable time frame for implementing projects, and setting aggressive fundraising goals for both the annual campaign and capital campaign.

Matching funds provided by JCamp 180 have been a major part of making the vision of a new swimming pool a reality. With a ceremonial ground-breaking during the 2010 camp season, construction began in September 2010 - completion is on schedule for May 2011. The Segall Aquatic Center includes a 75-foot by 45-foot (6 lanes) competition pool with swim instruction alcove, donor walkway, newly-constructed pool house and all equipment ready to go for opening for the 2011 camp season.

The mentoring and consulting support of JCamp 180 has profoundly touched the breadth of leadership, governance, campers, families, alumni, and other key constituencies that sustain Bauercrest.

To learn more about Bauercrest and the other exciting projects underway, please email Executive Director Rob Brockman.