8 Tips for Finding and Reconnecting with Camp Alumni
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8 Tips for Finding and Reconnecting with Camp Alumni

Mark Gold, Director of JCamp 180

This month we provide a potpourri of information and opportunities.

Those camps that want to find lost alumni and increase alumni donations should read Julia Riseman's article about our new Data2Donors program. This fall we will be offering the program to a limited number of camps. If the program has the results we expect, we will add it to our portfolio of offerings to a wider group of camps in subsequent years.

Also in this eNewsletter is a reminder about the PJ Goes to Camp funding for the Foundation for Jewish Camp's On Happy Camper program. Although the 2013 camp season seems like it just began, JCamp 180 is already preparing for next summer, and we want to make sure you remind any prospective campers about the requirements to qualify for a PJ Goes to Camp incentive next year.

The JCamp 180 family will change next month as two employees are leaving to take on new challenges. David Sharken, a Mentor for the past seven years, will become Director of Partnerships for the Proteus Fund, a social justice foundation based in Amherst, MA. Marcus Simon, our administrative assistant who has worked with GIFT and Legacy teams for several years, will become the Campaign and Development Coordinator at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment. We wish them both well in their new positions. We are committed to returning our staff to its full complement of Mentors and staff and expect to announce new staff in our next eNewsletter.

Enjoy your finals weeks of camp.

Mark Gold
Director, JCamp 180



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All about the NEW JCamp 180 Program, Data2Donors:

To be brutally honest, most Jewish camps have done a miserable job of tracking and staying in touch with their camp alumni and friends for decades.

The good news? Every camp can get their database of alumni and donors back in shape. Read on to find our how you can achieve this...and about a new JCamp 180 program called Data2Donors that can help.

>>8 Tips for Finding and Reconnecting with Camp Alumni

>>Data2Donors Information and Application


PJ Goes to Camp

Camp kids

Tell your Prospective Families About PJ Goes to Camp!

As you bring prospective families/campers to camp this summer, don't forget to mention the PJ Goes to Camp/One Happy Camper incentive program. If they are at all thinking about coming to camp next year, they need to register for PJ Library BEFORE September 1 to be eligible for the PJ Goes to Camp incentives.

>>PJ Goes to Camp Successes and Process


JCamp 180 Facebook Page

JCamp 180 facebook

JCamp 180 Facebook Page

If you haven't LIKED our Facebook Page yet, head over to Facebook today. We post articles and examples from camps that can help you with your work at camp.

>>JCamp 180 Facebook Page


Camp Shout-Outs

Camp Shout-Outs!
A big 'Shout Out' to this month's Jewish camp all-star:

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