News & Events

In addition to one-on-one mentoring services, JCamp 180 is committed to providing opportunities for its participating camps to learn from JCamp 180 staff and each other in a variety of formats. Below are a sampling of the events and training opportunities that are made avaialble to participating organizations.


JCamp 180 Annual Conference

To promote networking, learning and exposure to best practices, JCamp 180 holds annual conferences for camp lay and professional leaders. Conference themes have consistently addressed topics of high interest and impact. Nearly 450 camp leaders attended the 2015 JCamp 180 Annual Conference: "Year-Round and Lifelong: Connect, Engage, and Inspire" in Springfield, MA. It was held at the Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel to accomodate the growth of the conference.

Resources from past conferences are available online for all camp leadership.



JCamp 180 offers monthly Webinar training sessions for all participating organizations. These sessions are meant to continue our Conference learning throughout the year. They focus on JCamp 180's main areas of expertise:  fundraising, governance, strategic planning, and technology.

You can find recordings of all archived Webinars online. In addition, please check back for future Webinar announcements.

Have a suggestion for a future Webinar topic? Please submit your ideas here.


Legacy Training

In 2008, JCamp 180 created the Camp Legacy Initiative, modeled after a program of the San Diego Jewish Community Foundation, to motivate Jewish summer camps to secure legacy gifts from loyal donors. This initiative is financially supported by the Areivim Philanthropic Group. It includes regular online and in-person training sessions for the entire Legacy team.

Our website contains information about how participating JCamp 180 camps can get involved in the Legacy Program and its associated training sessions.


JCamp 180 GIFT Fundraiser's Training

Raising significant resources in today's market requires a level of leadership, professionalism, and knowledge of relationship fundraising. The JCamp 180 GIFT Fundraiser's Training is structured to provide an understanding of theories of fundraising, tools for implementation, and individual action plans. GIFT was designed in response to requests from camps to have an in-depth training for development professionals.

Current JCamp 180 Participants can find information about current and upcoming GIFT training opportunities online.


JTEC: JCamp 180 Training in Effective Communications

As camps plan (and build) for the future, they must connect in a human way with a growing number of supporters and stakeholders. With each passing year, however, comes a new media type or preferred method of contact. So, how can camps possibly manage communications using old and new media to various constituent groups?

JTEC (JCamp180 Training in Effective Communications) was developed to help camps get a handle on their communications needs and efforts.

Current JCamp 180 Participants can find information about current and upcoming JTEC training opportunities online.