May 2014 eNewsletter Articles
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May 2014 eNewsletter Articles

Here you'll find the articles we recommend in our eNewsletter in Fundraising; Governance; Strategy, Planning, & Change; and Technology & Outreach.

Fundraising: What Does Relational Judaism Mean for Camp?

In his 2013 book Relational Judaism: Using the Power of Relationships to Transform the Jewish Community, Dr. Ron Wolfson writes about the importance of organizations to build "a face-to-face community of relationships that offers meaning and purpose, belonging and blessing." In this month's eNewsletter, Jodi Berman, President of Berman Leadership Strategies, builds on these ideas and shares ways that camps can embrace the ideals of Relational Judaism in fostering life-long relationships with donors, prospects, alumni, and current/potential families,

>> What Does Relational Judaism Mean for Camp?

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Governance: Top 10 Things Board Members Can Do to Raise Money...

...and only one is asking for it!

In our most highly attended Webinar of all time, JCamp 180 Mentors Jill Paul and Julia Riseman shared the fundamentals of Board member involvement in fundraising and revealed the special capacity that Board members bring to the table. This Webinar is from 2010, but the ideas (and related resources) are still very valid today. If you didn't see the Webinar when we presented it four years ago (or just want a refresher!) check out the recording and related resoures today.

>> Top 10 Things Board Members Can Do to Raise Money...and Only One is Asking For It!

Are you a Board Member looking for other ways to support camp this summer?

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Strategy, Planning & Change: Is Your Camp Customer-Focused?

Is your camp customer-focused?  "Of course, our customers love us," you say.

Yes, the experience of camp can create powerful, life-long connections to camp among alumni, families, staff, and donor "customers."

But do the actions of your camp's leadership reflect real commitment to your customers? Consider how your board and management make decisions about staff, program, financial aid, alumni engagement, fundraising, etc. Is the impact of your decisions on your customers always fully considered? Or might other more immediate operational factors - small and large - figure more heavily into decisions?  
The article below describes how a truly customer-focused organization differs from one focused on operations. Consider holding a discussion at your next board meeting to assess the state of your camp's customer focus.

>> 6 Differences Between Customer-Focused Companies and Operations-Focused Companies

Want to think strategically about your decisions to make sure they are truly customer-focused?

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Technology & Outreach: Where Can I Learn More About Tech & Communications?

Kevin Martone, our Technology Program Manager is often asked where he goes to keep up to date on new technologies and communications best practices. For example, where can you find comparisons of online giving tools or donor databases? Where can you find news about upcoming changes to Facebook Page functionality? Is there a source that provides case studies of other organizations using social media effectively?

Beyond the Technology Section of the JCamp 180 Knowledge Center, there are countless resources available to answer these questions (and more). We could never prepare a comprehensive list of blogs, websites, books, and podcasts where these topics are discussed. But we CAN share the sites that Kevin personally finds most useful. Read on to find out where Kevin goes to keep up to date…and then let us know on our Facebook Page where YOU find useful information online.

>> Where Can I Learn More About Technology and Communications?

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