June 2014 eNewsletter Articles
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June 2014 eNewsletter Articles

Here you'll find the articles we recommend in our eNewsletter in Fundraising; Governance; Strategy, Planning, & Change; and Technology & Outreach.

Fundraising: Fear - Why YOU Should Ask for and Receive a Major Gift This Summer…But Probably Won't

Summer is the best time to ask for major gifts for camp. But fear keeps many from making the ask. JCamp 180 Mentor Julia Riseman discusses how you can tell if fear is paralyzing your fundraising efforts...and how to overcome it.

>> Fear: Why YOU Should Ask for and Receive a Major Gift this Summer...But Probably Won't

Looking for more resources on making the ask?

>> Check out "The Ask" resources at the bottom of the Capital Campaigns section of the Knowledge Center


Governance: A Better Board Will Make You Better

This article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review reminds us that "High-performing nonprofits benefit from having a board of directors that functions as more than a rubber stamp." Find out what these nonprofit experts believe are the three keys to effective nonprofit boards.

>> A Better Board Will Make You Better

Want to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Board?

>> Work with your Mentor and consider the Board Self-Assessment Tools at the bottom of this page in our Knowledge Center...




Strategy, Planning & Change: Don't Put Your Eggs in One Financial Basket

Every financial manager promotes diversification for long-term financial well-being. Does your camp actively pursue alternate sources of funding for long-term sustainability? In this month's eNewsletter, Jaynie Schultz from Retreat Central shares important questions every camp to ask itself to determine if hosting retreats is a good idea for generating income beyond the summer months.

>> Don't Put Your Eggs in One Financial Basket

Are you looking for other possible alternative funding sources?

>> Check out this Webinar that focused on how two camps tapped creative funding sources


Technology & Outreach: Connecting With Alumni? There Might Be an App for That

All camps want to find and reengage their alumni. Beyond alumni eNewsletters, an alumni page on the camp website, and alumni events, how else can camps connect with their most passionate supporters? Read on to find out how The Cohen Camps partnered with Evertrue to implement a mobile app for their alumni.

>> Connecting With Alumni? There Might Be an App for That 

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