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eNewsletter Articles - January 2014

Here you'll find the articles we recommend in our eNewsletter in Fundraising; Governance; Strategy, Planning & Change; and Technology & Outreach.

Fundraising: TheTwo Most Important Words in Philanthropy...

...are "Thank You." Do your thank you notes show gratitude? Are they a good first step in your ongoing stewardship processes? JCamp 180 Mentor Klara Grape tells you how to shape up those letters.

>> The Two Most Important Words in Philanthropy

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Governance: 5 Steps For Decision-Making That Will Vastly Improve Your Board Meetings

As a Board leader, exactly how do you help the Board make good decisions?  Use these 5 steps to frame problems and possible solutions.

>> 5 Steps For Decision-Making That Will Vastly Improve Your Board Meetings

Want to try this at your camp? This Board packet coversheet template can help:

>> Board Packet Coversheet Template


Strategy, Planning & Change: How Can You Make Better, Bolder Decisions?

Best-selling authors Dan and Chip Heath tell us that to make better choices, we must avoid the most common decision-making biases. Being aware of these biases isn't sufficient to avoid them, but a process can help. They created the WRAP process to help us make better, bolder decisions.

>> Heath Brothers' Wrap Process for Making Better Decisions

We highly recommend registering for the Heath Brothers' other valuable resources on their website:

>> Heath Brothers' free Resources re: Change and Decision-Making

Technology & Outreach: Engaging Alumni Through Social Media - Our Takeaways


Did you miss our latest Webinar? Mentors Julia Riseman and Dan Kirsch and Technology Program Manager Kevin Martone discuss what the latest #netTALKS Webinar on Alumni Outreach (focused on social media) means for camps.

>> Engaging Alumni Through Social Media - Our Takeaways

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