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Twitter for Nonprofits:
Reconnecting 140 Characters at a Time

Twitter is the new Social Media darling. CNN, Lance Armstrong, Ann Curry, and Starbucks are all using the Micro-blogging service, which asks you to answer "What Are You Doing?" in 140 characters or less. But so are many nonprofit organizations: spreading news about their organization and engaging their constituents. This Webinar will show participants what Twitter is, how to get started, why an organization might use it, and how to use it effectively as a communications and engagement tool. On July 21, 2009, Kevin Martone and Joe Ruotolo of the Grinspoon Institute Technology Team presented the What, How, and Why of Twitter.

The presentation and a recording of the Webinar itself are available below.


Twitter for Nonprofits: Reconnecting 140 Characters at a Time PowerPoint - Download
This presentation details the basics of Twitter, including an overview of Twitter lingo and how some organizations are already using the popular communications channel. Learn how to best utilize Twitter as part of your overall Outreach, Communications, and Fundraising strategy.

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