Facebook: What Organizations Need to Know
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Facebook: What Organizations Need to Know

Are you trying to determine how and why you should use Facebook to reconnect with your Alumni? Are you confused about Facebook Profiles, Groups, and Pages? On May 19, 2009, Kevin Martone and Joe Ruotolo of the Grinspoon Institute Technology Program team and Celia Baczkowski of Surprise Lake Camp presented Facebook: What Organizations Need to Know. In this Grinspoon Institute Webinar, Kevin and Joe discussed the basics of Facebook, compared Groups and Pages, and showed how Facebook Pages are created. Celia discussed Surprise Lake Camp's Facebook Page, the benefits it has provided, and some key lessons learned.

The presentation and a recording of the Webinar itself are available below.

[Note: For a more basic introduction to Social Media, please click here to download presentation "Social Networking - What is it and Why should I care?" from our November conference.]


Facebook: What Organizations Need to Know PowerPoint - Download
This presentation details the basics of Facebook, including a comparison of Facebook Profiles, Groups, and Pages. Learn how to best utilize these tools as part of your overall Outreach, Communications, and Fundraising strategy.

Watch "Facebook: What  Org..." Webinar Recording