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Social media can help to communicate and engage with your community

Raising "Meaning" Before Money with Social Media (ARTICLE)
Why you should be using social media for cultivating fundraising prospects rather than direct fundraising.
Social Media Changes You Should Know About (ARTICLE)
Social Media is always changing - that you can count on. Recently there have been some especially important changes (or announced changes) that may be particularly relevant to nonprofits. JCamp 180 Technology Program Manager Kevin Martone discusses a few of them (on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and what they might mean for your organization.
Using Volunteers to help with Social Networking? (ARTICLE)
Brief article response to a blog post from asking the question, "Should a nonprofit organization task their social media responsibilities to an intern or volunteer?"


Blogging is powerful tool for content creation and engaging your audience.

 Blogging 101
Learn the basics and best practices of Blogging.
 How to Make Tumblr Work for Camp
Learn the basics of using the social media site Tumblr. Here's how you can get started.

Facebook Fundamentals

Facebook is a vital tool for community outreach. Use these resources below to discover how you can get the most out of your page.
Facebook: Pages or Groups?
Should your nonprofit utilize a Facebook Page or Group? Read this offering to find out.



Find your call to action! Using Twitter can connect you directly to your audience.

Twitter 101
This is a great resource for novice "Tweeters."



Video is a powerful tool that conveys your message quickly and easily.

What is Vine? And Why You Should Care
Vine is a new social-network for creating and sharing 6-second videos. Find our how you can use it at your camp



Photos deliver a powerful message. Use these resources to learn how to share your photos online.

Instagram 101
Introduction to using Instagram photo sharing
Pinterest 101
Introduction to using Pinterest.
Case Study: Digitizing Old Photos (PDF) 
Case study from JCamp 180 about the importance of uploading and digitizing past photos to social media websites like Facebook and Flickr.



Discover the power of podcasts!
 Podcasting 101
Learn the basics of podcasting and how you can get started.