Strategic Planning
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Strategic Planning Basics

Very useful resources highlighting the importance of strategic planning.

Strategic Planning: A Step-by-Step Process
Anne Yurasek from Fio Partners details what the Strategic Planning process can accomplish and key questions to ask about how your organization can most effectively create and implement a plan.
4 Questions Your Camp SHOULD be ASKING
What questions does your camp leadership ask regularly to be sure camp is as effective as possible now and in the future? These 4 questions could be a good start. 
A Groundbreaking Board Drives Strategy
Elements of a Strategic Plan
How and Why of Strategic Planning (PDF)
Presentation of the "how" and "why" of strategic planning.
JCamp 180 Strategic Planning System "Loop"
A one-page overview showing the overall strategic planning system and how the various pieces work together. 
Miloff's Strategic Planning Overview
Strategic Planning Committee Member Job Description (PDF)
Sample job description for strategic planning committee.
Strategic Plan Process Roles
What is the Value of Strategic Planning?
A recent article offers the "Case Against Strategic Planning." JCamp 180 Mentor Aron Goldman talks about the pitfalls of strategic planning, but reiterates the value of the process.