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More Tips and Resources

Additional resources and advice to think more strategically.

The Value of Strategic Thinking: Always Be Prepared
A practical application of strategic preparation and planning for the future.
No Dust! Using Your Strategic Plan (PDF)
How can you integrate your strategic plan to govern your organization.
How to Use Microsoft Outlook to track Strategic Plan Implementation (PDF)
Learn how you can seamlessly track your strategic planning efforts in Microsoft Outlook.
Don't Put Your Eggs in One Financial Basket (Article)
Jaynie Schultz from Retreat Central discusses how camps can consider hosting retreats to bring in a potential new source of revenue
Is Your Top Professional Salary Fair and Justifiable? (Article)
If you are a top paid professional at your camp, don't you want to know if your compensation is fair? And if you are a board member at that camp, shouldn't you know if it is fair, too? JCamp180 Mentor Natasha Dresner discusses these questions and references JData's Nonprofit Overnight Jewish Camp Top Professional Salary Report.
Questions that Strengthen Financial Sustainability and Resilience (Article)
David Orlinoff, Founder and Principal of Concord Financial Organization, shares questions that any Jewish organization's leaders could be asking to seek ongoing revenue streams and financial sustainability.
The Infinite Return on Professional Development (Article)
Professional Development is important to improve the skills of your camp staff (and keep them from moving on to new opportunities). JCamp 180 Mentor Julia Riseman asks if camps are under-investing in year-round staff training.
Are You Avoiding an Own Goal? (Article)
Is YOUR organization currently "scoring" any "own goals?" JCamp 180 Technology Program Manager Kevin Martone shares some possible "own goals" your organization could be "scoring" to keep it from reaching its goals.
The Strategic Advantage of Being Part of a Group (Article)
The newly formed Association of Independent Jewish Camps (AIJC) is bringing together like-minded independent Jewish camps from across North America to grow, thrive and succeed. Harrell Wittenstein, Executive Director of AIJC, discusses the advantages of belonging to a group like this.