Fundraising Background
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Fundraising Background

Fundraising Basics
Fundraising: Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway? (ARTICLE)
JCamp 180 Director Mark Gold and Mentor Dan Kirsch remind us that one person doesn't make fundraising success; it requires a team...and strong relationships with the entire community.
What Should Jewish Camp Fundraisers Read? (ARTICLE)
Here is a list compiled by JCamp 180 Mentors of the "must read" blogs and eNewsletters for anyone involved in fundraising.
More Resources for Jewish Camp Fundraisers (ARTICLE)
What books, conferences, and membership organizations do JCamp 180 Mentors recommend? Read on to find out.
11 Lessons From GIFT You Can Use at YOUR Camp (ARTICLE)
Read these top takeaways from the second cohort of GIFT participants compiled by JCamp 180 Mentor Laurie Herrick.
JCamp 180 Development System "Loop" (PPT)
A one-page overview showing the overall fundraising/development system and how the various pieces work together.
5 Steps for Major Donor Fundraising (DOC)
A comprehensive guide to developing and implementing an effective Major Donor fundraising campaign.
11 Commandments of a Successful Camp Fundraiser (ARTICLE)
JCamp 180 GIFT Fundraiser's Training crafted these 11 commandments that every camp fundraiser should follow.
18 Common Fundraising Mistakes (ARTICLE)
Mentor Natasha Dresner describes 18 mistakes many nonprofits make in fundraising.
The Law of Enrollment Meets the Ask (ARTICLE)
Mentor Laurie Herrick discusses how you can take advantage of opportunities to "enroll" a prospect in your cause.
Fundraisers: Are You on the Right Track? (ARTICLE)
Mentor Laurie Herrick discusses The Three Laws of Performance and how it can help fundraisers succeed.
Sample Three Year Campaign Fundraising Plan

Board Roles in Fundraising
Board/Staff Roles in Fundraising (PDF)
Tasks in Fundraising shown in a chart for Camp Planning.
Board Role In Fundraising (DOC)
One camp's example list of fundraising activities Board members could help with. Always consider a Board member's skills and interests when to help match them with responsibilities; personal conversations are the best way to make these matches.


Culture of Philanthropy

How to Create a Culture of Philanthropy at Your Camp (Webinar)
JCamp 180 Mentor Laurie Herrick and Naomi Skop Richter of JTFN led a discussion with camps that have successfully woven development into the fabric of their camps and created a culture of philanthropy.
How Leaders are Essential to Creating a Culture of Philanthropy (ARTICLE)
Does your camp have a culture of philanthropy? This article by JCamp 180 Mentor Laurie Herrick (based on a post on the Veritus Group's Passionate Giving blog) focuses on the importance of leadership in embracing a culture of philanthropy.
Reflections on "How Scarcity Thinking Holds Nonprofits Back" and How You Can Create a Culture of Philanthropy at Your Camp (ARTICLE)
Does your camp have a fixed or growth mindset? Is your camp focused on scarcity, or has it embraced a culture of abundance? Mentor Laurie Herrick considers an article from the Social Velocity website on these topics and how it can help your camp embrace a culture of philanthropy.
When Funding Success Feels Like Magic (ARTICLE)
Want funding to "magically" appear? Mentor Laurie Herrick shares a story that shows how "surprise" gifts are usually the result of the integration of your development team (and a culture of philanthropy) throughout your organization.