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Donor Communications

A 4th Grade Tool for More Successful Donor Communications (Article)
How can a Venn diagram help your donor communications? JCamp 180 Mentor Dan Kirsch explains...

Donor Reports
Sample Report to Donors (PDF)
Camp Ramah in Wisconsin's end of summer report to Major donors, 2009


Tech for Fundraising
Utilizing Technology Effectively for Fundraising and Outreach (PDF) 
Kevin Martone of JCamp 180 speaks to the importance of utilizing technology to effectively reach fundraising and outreach goals.
The 5 Biggest Mistakes in Handling Donor Data  
Guidestar's short list of how to update your donor data.
Phone-a-thon & Direct Mail (PDF) 
Clear straight forward advice if you use email marketing.



Valuable resources to help you perfect your storytelling abilities.

Storytelling for Fundraising Impact (PDF)
Telling and selling your story by: Natasha Dresner, JCamp 180
What's Your Story? - Various Resources (DOC)
Handout from Natasha's "What's Your Story" session at the November 2009 Grinspoon Institute Conference. Includes a variety of resources about creating and telling great stories.
Learning From charity:water - How One Organization Took the Mundane and Made it Inspiring (ARTICLE)
How does a nonprofit focused on clean drinking water make its work so joyful and inspiring? What can camps learn from their work??
6 Stories to Collect this Summer for Donors (ARTICLE)
Summer. It's your camp's opportunity to gather incredible stories to delight and inspire your donors. Here are 6 story ideas from JCamp 180 Mentor Julia Riseman to get you started!
5 Reasons Serial Podcast is so Addicting...and What it Means for Nonprofit Communications (ARTICLE)
Serial Podcast has been the #1 ranked podcast since it was first released in the Fall of 2014. Why is it so popular...and what can nonprofits learn from Serial to improve their own communications?
You Can't Make Your Content Go Viral…But You Can Make it Contagious! (ARTICLE)
In his book "Contagious," author Jonah Berger discusses 6 STEPPS that help make your content shareable. What do these tips mean for camp communications?
How Can Your Camp Tell Stories Confidentially? (ARTICLE)
How can Humans of New York (HONY) help camps share their most effective stories...while maintaining the confidentiality of its subjects?


Learn how to use your eNewsletter as an engagement tool.

Short Reviews of eNewsletter Tools (ARTICLE)
Review of a handful of distribution tools for eNewsletters.
Getting the Word Out: eNewsletters (DOC)
Great article that speaks to the importance of follow up communication with your contacts.


Press Releases
Camp Ramah in Wisconsin - Outstanding Development Professional Award (DOC)
Camp Ramah press release from Grinspoon Insitute Camp Conference.  
URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp - Grinspoon Award Winner
Press release recognizing URJ Henry S. Jacobs Camp for outstanding achievement in fundraising.

Jewish Quotes for Fundraising (DOC)
Quotes for development from JCamp 180.