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2010 Conference -- Workshops

Welcome to your JCamp 180 2010 Conference workshop resource center. The links below will lead you to materials that were used or referenced during conference sessions.

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Pre-Conference Legacy Training

These documents were used during the 2010 Conference in a discussion about the creation and implementation of successful Legacy campaigns:

Camp Story Booth

The theme of the JCamp 180 2010 Conference is "Telling Our Stories." The focus of the camp story booth will be to explore the ways in which the Jewish tradition of storytelling can be implemented. Here's a guide to the booth:

'Session B' Workshop Materials

These materials were used during Session B of the 2010 Conference:

'Session B' Umbrella Meeting Materials

These materials were used during the Umbrella Meeting during Session B of the 2010 Conference:

Session Materials

These materials will be used during the various sessions of the conference: 

  • "Alumni Events that Rock: Recipes for Success"
    Dan Kirsch, Mentor

  • "Big Ideas" Conversation
    Amy Sales, Ph.D., Director, Fisher-Bernstein Institute for Jewish Philanthropy and Leadership, Brandeis University

  • "The Four L's: Listening, Laughing & Learning from Life Stories
    Rob Peck and John Porcino


  • "Outcomes and Methods:
    Getting the Results We Want, from Bunk to Board"

    Adam Weisberg, Executive Director, Camp Tawonga

  • "Programming and Facilities Use Year-Round:
    Learning from the Appalachian Mountain Club

    Pam Hess, Director of Education, Appalachian Mountain Club

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    Keynote Resources

    Are you looking for materials and video from our 2010 Grinspoon Institute Conference Keynotes?