Committee Structures
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Committee Structures

Governance Committee Basics

Basics on committee structure for non-profit boards and non-fiduciary boards.

Board Governance Committee Basics (DOC)
To be used when nominating new Board members.
Board Member Composition Profile (DOC)
Assess the composition of your board including personal characteristics.
A 10-Minute Survey to Transform Your Board (ARTICLE)
Can a 10-Minute Survey and 2-hour Board meeting transform your Board and help match motivated Board members with important responsibilities?
One Fantastic Board Meeting to Focus Board Committees  (ARTICLE)
This case study shows how to use a Board Retreat or an extended Board Meeting to focus the work of all Board Committees and also set Board Goals for the coming year.
Sample Governance Committee Tasks

Board Member Recruitment, Orientation and Assessment

Essential board of directors orientation materials.

Sample Board Member Guide (PDF)
Camp Moshava Wild Rose

Sample Outline of Board of Directors Manual (DOC)

Sample Sabra Camp Commitee Meeting Evaluation (PDF)

Getting and Keeping New Board Members (PDF)
Presentation on Getting (and keeping!) Great New Board Members Presentation (2009)
The Power of a Single Piece of Paper (Article)
Do you want to find your perfect Board members? Read this article to learn how to do it, what pitfalls to avoid, and what easy strategies and tools to utilize.  
Board Meeting Evaluation (DOC)
Sample evaluation to use at the end of each Board meeting to evaluate the success of the meeting and get feedback.
Mini Board Self-Assessment (DOC)
Sample Individual Board Member Evaluation (DOC)
The Board Building Cycle (DOC)
Board Exit Interviews