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Board Governance for Non-Profits
Board Governance Basics

Essential resources for non-profit board governance basics.

Board Governance 101 (PDF)
In this article "Power from Within", Jill Paul provides an introduction to board governance. Good examples for non-fiduciary boards.
Governance Glossary (DOC)
A glossary of the most common terms heard in board development and governance.
JCamp 180 Leadership and Governance System "Loop" (PPT)
A one-page overview showing the overall governance system and how the various pieces work together.
Can You Make "Dumb" Boards Smarter?
Good decision-making is essential to effective governance. Are you confident that your board is making the best possible decisions for the future of your camp? Mentor Dan Kirsch discusses a Harvard Business Review article that might help your camp's board make better decisions.
The Power of Generative Thinking
Mentor Natasha Dresner discusses generative governance - a way for a board to examine an issue or an idea by generating more information about it: identifying the problem instead of solving it; generating questions instead of answers; and making sense before making any decisions.

How to Have a Successful Board Retreat (PDF)

10 Basic Responsibilities of Non Profit Boards (PDF)

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: Why It's Worth the Cost
Mentor Julia Riseman discusses her difficulties retaining quality Board members without the appropriate protections in place. Does your camp have the right amount of insurance to protect your most committed volunteers?

Roles and Responsibilities of Non Fiduciary Boards (PDF) - The Golden Rule of Board Engagement (PDF)

Camp Newman BOD Tear Sheet Sample (PDF)
Simple format to update your Board of Directors each month.

Keeping Your Board and Stakeholders Up to Date
Find out why B'nai B'rith Camp Executive Director Michelle Koplan sends weekly updates to her Board and other stakeholders...and how they benefit camp. 

Building Board Crisis Management (and Prevention) Capacity
At some point in your camp's history, you will face a big and ugly crisis. Mentor Julia Riseman discusses how the camp Board can prepare and respond effectively to crises.

The 990: Your Camp's Single Most Powerful Tool
Do you think of IRS Form 990 as a task to be completed? Or an opportunity to transparently communicate to the world your camp's progress? Read this article (originally printed in the Berkshire Eagle) by JCamp 180 Mentor Natasha Dresner to learn more about the 990 and the opportunities it provides.

BoardSource Documents Resources

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Assessing Board Performance

Board Action Calendar (PDF)

Board Members Personal Contributions (PDF)

Board Leadership (PDF)

Board Meeting Minutes (PDF)