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Camp Case: Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake

By Helene Drobenare, Director

Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake
In 2004, at the very same time as JCamp 180 began working with the camp community, the Friends of Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake (CYJSL) was born. Within our first few months of formation, we began working with our first JCamp 180 Mentor on fundraising and strategic planning. As one of the first camps in the program and no other camps' experience to learn from, together JCamp 180 and CYJSL began exploring new territory for camp.

With no history to lean on and basically no historical fundraising success, the spirit of dedication and the Friends of CYJSL's determination to meet our potential resulted in raising $917,601 through JCamp 180's Meet Your Match (MYM) Matching Grant program. This was accomplished in spite of the fact that we had no working alumni or donor database, no board structure and no past giving history as a community. With the next challenge we forged ahead and raised $269,316 during the follow-up Create Your Match (CYM) program. Next, we leveraged JCamp180's Raise Your Match (RYM) program to raise an additional $250,100. Most recently, we finished the Chai Match program, raising another $400,000. Combined with launching our Legacy Campaign through JCamp 180, CYJSL has truly learned how to plant roots and then nourish them for the future.

Since beginning our work with JCamp 180 Mentors and leveraging the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) Matching Grant programs, CYJSL has completed the following capital projects:

  • Climbing Tower
  • Basketball Arena
  • Creative Arts Studios
  • High Ropes Course
  • Health Center
  • Four New Bunks
  • Cooking Studio
  • Grove and Performance Area

CYJSL is at the crossroads of a momentous moment in its history. Within months we will be an independent youth movement for the first time. The Friends of CYJSL have worked for over a year preparing for this moment with financial forecasts, board development and a 5-year plan. We recently completed our first capital campaign and are gearing up to launch our next, including a goal of building a new aquatics center.

The next year will bring many changes to CYJSL, but through the continued support of JCamp 180 and HGF we are looking forward to reshaping our governance structure, reinvigorating our strategic planning process, and enhancing our current fundraising capabilities.

Thanks to the guidance of our Mentor, Julia Riseman, and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, CYJSL is not resting on these successes; we know that our development efforts will allow us to continue to offer quality Jewish summer experiences to our campers and staff for decades to come. Words cannot describe our gratitude to Harold Grinspoon, his Foundation and Institute, and his staff for all that they have done for Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake.